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Yearbook Staff Recruitment


  • Don't have an intro class/pre-requisite for yearbook?
    Recruit from courses that work on similar skills: Pre-AP/AP English, art, desktop publishing, etc.


  • Take current yearbook students on a visit to feeder schools to recruit incoming freshmen. Promote the fun parts of your program! Bring samples of photos your staff has taken, and past yearbooks.

  •  Work with your counselors to set up certain requirements or an application process to be on staff. 

  • Don't have a choice? Have students fill out a personality inventory and use their strengths to assign them job positions. Not everyone has to work on yearbook spreads or take photos. 

  • Hand out flyers at registration meetings, parent night meetings, in classrooms, etc. Put them everywhere to give your program more exposure and to get more applicants. 

    Sample recruitment flyer

    Sample 8th grade flyer

    Sample Google Form: Application for yearbook staff

Sample Google Form: Application for yearbook editors

Sample Google Form: Teacher recommendations


Sample written application for yearbook staff

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