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Grading for Yearbook


  • Grading yearbook students doesn't have to be hard!

  • Delegate jobs whenever you can - put the responsibility on them.

  • Every group of yearbook students is different. Change up your grading system each year, as needed.

  • Yearbook is not like other classes! Prevent parent questions/complaints
    by getting students AND parents to sign off on your grading system at the beginning of school. 

Ideas for daily grades: 

  • Weekly participation points (see examples below)

  • Marketing for yearbook

  • Mini-deadlines
    -choosing photos for their spread
    placing edited photos on spread
    -completing spread copy, etc 

    Ideas for major/test grades: 

  • Total participation points (could be average of each weekly grade)

  • Ad sales quota

  • Book sales quota

  • Major deadlines (submitting final spread)

  • Photo credits (see below)


Grading guidelines

Photo credit submission form

Participation points 'buffet'

Yearbook spread checklist

Weekly editor checklist​

Weekly photo editor checklist


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