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All About Book Sales

General Tips: 

Don't keep your THEME a secret!
Use it in all of your marketing to increase excitement about your book. 


For students: Remind them OFTEN.
Switch up posters/flyers in the hallway to get their attention. Memes and humor work well.

For parents: Contact them directly as much as possible.
Be where they are - sporting events, school performances, student sign-out desk, Facebook.

Display frequently-updated lists of buyers and non-buyers.


Back to School - August/September: 

Fall delivery book? Put pre-order forms for the next book in the book you're distributing.


Spring delivery book? Offer "early bird pricing" and advertise at back to school events.

Fall - October/November: 


Host a "Black Friday" flash sale or a fun giveaway for early buyers.

Holiday Sales - December/January:

Offer yearbook gift certificates to parents for stocking stuffers.

Host a "12 Days of Christmas" giveaway (for buyers) or a holiday sales drive.

Final Sales Push - before Exact Quantity Submission:  

Work with admin to send an "all-call" or e-mail blast to all parents

Contact every non-buyer directly - especially if they're in the book!

"Extra Sales" Push - after Exact Quantity Submission: 


Stress the urgency

Post/display updates on how many books are still available for purchase

Distribution Day + Selling Extras: 

Offer a benefit to people who pre-ordered - time out of class to pick up their book, a special party, etc. 

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